Enterprise & Innovation Support

Facilitating educational and organisational innovation.

Enterprise & Innovation Support is a Professional/Academic Service function of the RES Enterprise Team, accessible by University staff in Research, Teaching, Knowledge Exchange or Professional Services roles. We will collaborate with you to facilitate innovation and enhance your REF, TEF & KEF contributions.

If there’s a challenge or opportunity within the scope of your work and you’d like support with the creative process of (re)designing a solution that works, please get in touch. Equally, we are happy to help with identifying clients for KE projects, embedding enterprise into academic programmes or joining up on impactful research proposals.

Our Approach

While the offer is distinct from the broader Innovation & Entrepreneurial Learning support offer available to students, alumni and staff seeking to validate business concepts and sustainable business models, it draws on the same capabilities in Human-Centred Design and Lean Enterprise Education. These approaches significantly reduce risk in new initiatives and build your capacity to lead change with confidence.

Funding for Innovation

Where there are costs associated with undertaking a collaborative innovation project, we can contribute up to £500 from the Enterprise Fund (via Santander Universities), and potentially cover other operational expenses where participants are predominantly eligible for ERDF support.

Contact Us

For further information, please contact:

Simon Harrison, Enterprise Programme Manager

+44 (0)1524 592584