Developing Ideas

A core activity of our team is to work with groups and individuals throughout the whole process of developing a funding application. We focus on those applications which are strategically important to the University (e.g. an institution-wide application) or those which are large and/or complex.

?How we undertake this aspect of our role varies, depending on whether we're responding to a specific funding opportunity that has arisen, or whether we've been approached by someone who has a research idea that they would like to develop and seek funding for.

The support we provide is bespoke and therefore tailored to meet the needs of each team/researcher, but we have worked with groups to run workshops that stimulate inter-disciplinary research ideas, project manage large and complex bids in collaboration with the PI, help to draft sections of a funding application etc.

If you are interested in finding out more or have a research idea that you would like to develop, please get in touch.

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